Marina di Alberese is the most well known beach in the Maremma Park and it’s the easiest to reach. Since it lies inside the Park, its access is limited to a few cars, therefore it’s convenient to leave your car in town and get the shuttle to the beach (number 17, daily ticket € 2,00); the beach can also be reached by a beautiful cycle path of km 8.5 which starts from the Visitor Park Centre.

Along the way to the beach, the typical Maremma cows and wild horses can be admired.
Marina di Alberese beach is pristine and made of fine sand. It lies in front of a thick Mediterranean scrub that offers numerous natural shadow spots. The sea is cristal clear. The long coast is characterized by the presence of trunks and branches bleached by sea and sun with which primitive looking “huts” were built and offered a valid shelter from the sun.(building new huts is now forbidden)

In the summertime you can find food and beverage point at the area of access to the beach.
If you like walking, we recommend not to stop but continue walking to the left, where the beach gets less and less crowded so that you can appreciate the natural beauty of this place at its best. In the southern part of the beach the crowd of bathers can be seen only in the distance and it’s also frequented by naturists.

A beach for lovers of a pristine natural environment.